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Special track 6


Web for All: Usability and Accessibility Solutions

Organizers: Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira

Web Scripts and Mediation Dialogues as a quality factor in the interaction of the deaf

Aline da Silva Alves, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Viviane Santos de Oliveira Veiga, Ingrid Teixeira Monteiro, Denis Silva da Silveira, Alberto Barbosa Raposo

An accessible video player for older people: issues from a user test

Johana M. Rosas Villena, Bruno C. Ramos, Renata P. M. Fortes, Rudinei Goularte

A Review on the Portuguese Enterprises Web Accessibility Levels – A website accessibility high level improvement proposal

Ramiro Gonçalves, José Martins, Frederico Branco

Using Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors to Provide Web Accessibility for the Visually Impaired Users

Letícia Seixas Pereira, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Hélio Braga, Luciana Cardoso de Castro Salgado, Ricardo Rodrigues Nunes


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